Generates files.

A file is generated into the build tree. Use the ninja program to build the project through the all target and install the project through the install (or install/strip) target.

For each subdirectory sub/dir of the project, additional targets are generated:


Depends on all targets required by the subdirectory.


Runs the install step in the subdirectory, if any.


Runs the install step in the subdirectory followed by a CMAKE_STRIP command, if any.

The CMAKE_STRIP variable will contain the platform’s strip utility, which removes symbols information from generated binaries.


Runs the test step in the subdirectory, if any.


Runs the package step in the subdirectory, if any.

Fortran Support

The Ninja generator conditionally supports Fortran when the ninja tool is at least version 1.10 (which has the required features).

See Also

The Ninja Multi-Config generator is similar to the Ninja generator, but generates multiple configurations at once.