This script locates the NVIDIA CUDA toolkit and the associated libraries, but does not require the CUDA language be enabled for a given project. This module does not search for the NVIDIA CUDA Samples.

Search Behavior

Finding the CUDA Toolkit requires finding the nvcc executable, which is searched for in the following order:

  1. If the CUDA language has been enabled we will use the directory containing the compiler as the first search location for nvcc.

  2. If the CUDAToolkit_ROOT cmake configuration variable (e.g., -DCUDAToolkit_ROOT=/some/path) or environment variable is defined, it will be searched. If both an environment variable and a configuration variable are specified, the configuration variable takes precedence.

    The directory specified here must be such that the executable nvcc can be found underneath the directory specified by CUDAToolkit_ROOT. If CUDAToolkit_ROOT is specified, but no nvcc is found underneath, this package is marked as not found. No subsequent search attempts are performed.

  3. If the CUDA_PATH environment variable is defined, it will be searched.

  4. The user’s path is searched for nvcc using find_program(). If this is found, no subsequent search attempts are performed. Users are responsible for ensuring that the first nvcc to show up in the path is the desired path in the event that multiple CUDA Toolkits are installed.

  5. On Unix systems, if the symbolic link /usr/local/cuda exists, this is used. No subsequent search attempts are performed. No default symbolic link location exists for the Windows platform.

  6. The platform specific default install locations are searched. If exactly one candidate is found, this is used. The default CUDA Toolkit install locations searched are:


    Search Pattern



    Other Unix



    C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\vX.Y

    Where X.Y would be a specific version of the CUDA Toolkit, such as /usr/local/cuda-9.0 or C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v9.0


    When multiple CUDA Toolkits are installed in the default location of a system (e.g., both /usr/local/cuda-9.0 and /usr/local/cuda-10.0 exist but the /usr/local/cuda symbolic link does not exist), this package is marked as not found.

    There are too many factors involved in making an automatic decision in the presence of multiple CUDA Toolkits being installed. In this situation, users are encouraged to either (1) set CUDAToolkit_ROOT or (2) ensure that the correct nvcc executable shows up in $PATH for find_program() to find.



If specified, describes the version of the CUDA Toolkit to search for.


If specified, configuration will error if a suitable CUDA Toolkit is not found.


If specified, the search for a suitable CUDA Toolkit will not produce any messages.


If specified, the CUDA Toolkit is considered found only if the exact VERSION specified is recovered.

Imported targets

An imported target named CUDA::toolkit is provided.

This module defines IMPORTED targets for each of the following libraries that are part of the CUDAToolkit:

CUDA Runtime Library

The CUDA Runtime library (cudart) are what most applications will typically need to link against to make any calls such as cudaMalloc, and cudaFree.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::cudart

  • CUDA::cudart_static

CUDA Driver Library

The CUDA Driver library (cuda) are used by applications that use calls such as cuMemAlloc, and cuMemFree. This is generally used by advanced

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::cuda_driver

  • CUDA::cuda_driver


The cuBLAS library.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::cublas

  • CUDA::cublas_static

  • CUDA::cublasLt starting in CUDA 10.1

  • CUDA::cublasLt_static starting in CUDA 10.1


The cuFFT library.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::cufft

  • CUDA::cufftw

  • CUDA::cufft_static

  • CUDA::cufftw_static


The cuRAND library.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::curand

  • CUDA::curand_static


The cuSOLVER library.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::cusolver

  • CUDA::cusolver_static


The cuSPARSE library.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::cusparse

  • CUDA::cusparse_static


The NVIDIA CUDA Profiling Tools Interface.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::cupti

  • CUDA::cupti_static


The NPP libraries.

Targets Created:

  • nppc:

    • CUDA::nppc

    • CUDA::nppc_static

  • nppial: Arithmetic and logical operation functions in nppi_arithmetic_and_logical_operations.h

    • CUDA::nppial

    • CUDA::nppial_static

  • nppicc: Color conversion and sampling functions in nppi_color_conversion.h

    • CUDA::nppicc

    • CUDA::nppicc_static

  • nppicom: JPEG compression and decompression functions in nppi_compression_functions.h Removed starting in CUDA 11.0, use nvJPEG instead.

    • CUDA::nppicom

    • CUDA::nppicom_static

  • nppidei: Data exchange and initialization functions in nppi_data_exchange_and_initialization.h

    • CUDA::nppidei

    • CUDA::nppidei_static

  • nppif: Filtering and computer vision functions in nppi_filter_functions.h

    • CUDA::nppif

    • CUDA::nppif_static

  • nppig: Geometry transformation functions found in nppi_geometry_transforms.h

    • CUDA::nppig

    • CUDA::nppig_static

  • nppim: Morphological operation functions found in nppi_morphological_operations.h

    • CUDA::nppim

    • CUDA::nppim_static

  • nppist: Statistics and linear transform in nppi_statistics_functions.h and nppi_linear_transforms.h

    • CUDA::nppist

    • CUDA::nppist_static

  • nppisu: Memory support functions in nppi_support_functions.h

    • CUDA::nppisu

    • CUDA::nppisu_static

  • nppitc: Threshold and compare operation functions in nppi_threshold_and_compare_operations.h

    • CUDA::nppitc

    • CUDA::nppitc_static

  • npps:

    • CUDA::npps

    • CUDA::npps_static


The nvBLAS libraries. This is a shared library only.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::nvblas


The nvGRAPH library. Removed starting in CUDA 11.0

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::nvgraph

  • CUDA::nvgraph_static


The nvJPEG library. Introduced in CUDA 10.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::nvjpeg

  • CUDA::nvjpeg_static


The nvRTC (Runtime Compilation) library. This is a shared library only.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::nvrtc


The NVIDIA Management Library. This is a shared library only.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::nvml


The NVIDIA Tools Extension. This is a shared library only.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::nvToolsExt


The NVIDIA OpenCL Library. This is a shared library only.

Targets Created:

  • CUDA::OpenCL


The cuLIBOS library is a backend thread abstraction layer library which is static only. The CUDA::cublas_static, CUDA::cusparse_static, CUDA::cufft_static, CUDA::curand_static, and (when implemented) NPP libraries all automatically have this dependency linked.

Target Created:

  • CUDA::culibos

Note: direct usage of this target by consumers should not be necessary.

Result variables


A boolean specifying whether or not the CUDA Toolkit was found.


The exact version of the CUDA Toolkit found (as reported by nvcc --version).


The major version of the CUDA Toolkit.


The minor version of the CUDA Toolkit.


The patch version of the CUDA Toolkit.


The path to the CUDA Toolkit library directory that contains the CUDA executable nvcc.


The path to the CUDA Toolkit include folder containing the header files required to compile a project linking against CUDA.


The path to the CUDA Toolkit library directory that contains the CUDA Runtime library cudart.


The path to the CUDA Toolkit directory containing the nvvm directory and version.txt.


The path to the CUDA Toolkit directory including the target architecture when cross-compiling. When not cross-compiling this will be equivalant to CUDAToolkit_ROOT_DIR.


The path to the NVIDIA CUDA compiler nvcc. Note that this path may not be the same as CMAKE_CUDA_COMPILER. nvcc must be found to determine the CUDA Toolkit version as well as determining other features of the Toolkit. This variable is set for the convenience of modules that depend on this one.