What is it

SQLMini is a simple SQL client that allows to examine data in SQL database.


I needed a simple tool, that would allow me to have a look into the database. I wanted it to work on Linux and Windows and wanted it to work well over slow network connection to the database.

What it can do

How it works

The application is written in Java. In the upper part of the window is combobox where you have to write the URL for connecting to the database in the form requested by JDBC. For oracle running on port 1521 it is:
For MySQL it is:
For Postgress running on port 5432 it is:
For SQLite it is:


After filling the URL field, the login name and password you an press the button Connect. The program attempts to create a connection to the database If it succeeds, it will read from the database the list of known tables. That can take a few seconds. When you start writing query, I recommend writing first few characters of table name and let it automatically fill in the rest by pressing Ctrl+<space>. That will launch background reading of columns of this table in order to make them available for autmatic completion. That can again take a few seconds. The completion of the column names works again using combination Ctrl+<space>. If the typed prefix can be prefix of both column name and table name, both are offered - columns first. After the query is written, press the button Execute. The query will be sent to the server and after obtaining the answer, it will be shown in the grid in bottom part of the window.

Advanced usage

What it may become

Known issues


SQLMini-0.8.1.jar or start it

Due to licensing reasons, this contains only MySQL (GPL licensed) and Postgress (BSD licensed) driver. If you use different database, you should get the JDBC driver from your DB's vendor. For example Oracle offers JDBC drivers here

If you need to connect to something other than MySQL or Progress, you need to add the driver .jar file to java classpath (i.e. list it after -cp parameter) and give the name of the driver class after -D parameter. Note, that on Windows the classpath separator is semicolon (;), while in the Unix world it is colon (:). The command line for using ojdbc14_g.jar driver for Oracle may look like this:
java -cp ojdbc14_g.jar:SQLMini.jar org.rastos.SQLMini.Main -D oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
An installation package for Windows with bundled Oracle JDBC driver can be found here. Note that the Oracle JDBC driver has a separate license

Source code