After finishing university I got a job and shortly afterwards I was sent for a business trip to Germany. There I purchased a portable CD player and I started collecting CDs. I used to buy a few of them every month
In present time I don't do that anymore. No money and time for spending in shops and I also got dissapointed by several CDs that sneaked some crap to my archive while advertising good music on covers :-)

Anyway I have currently at about 40 titles - quite enough to have something for each opportunity:

Mike Oldfield
Tubullar Bells II
Memory of Trees
Jean Michel Jarre
Waiting for Custoe
The essential Jean-Michael Jarre

Jaromir Nohavica
Osmá barva duhy

Pavol Hamel
Spievam si pieseň

Na kameni kámen


Soundtrack of
Dirty Dancing
Sister Act
You may think that titles mentioned are crap or that the list is ridiculously short or ...
I don't care. I like them and that's enough. -- me

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